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Florescent Leaked Nudes

Florescent leaked nude photos. Florescent creates ASMR videos on her YouTube channel where she has over 30k subscribers Florescent – ASMR.

Patreon – florescent
Instagram – florescentx

Florescent Leaked

Florescent Leaked


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  1. People are going to say that her boobs are too small but for me she’s like a 9/10. Her body is perfect. Small boobs are better than big boobs. I hope she does more nsfw asmr in the furture and hope admin posting these nudes doesn’t scare her away

    • You’re wrong. Let me educate you:
      She’s a 7. Her body is GOOD but her SMALL BOOBS + Slim body are what’s holding her back from having the perfect body. IF she has a “FIT” body (if she works out), she will be an 8. IF she has a C – D range breast size, she will be a 9. C – D breast size are the perfect size. I’ve seen females in POOR NEIGHBORHOODS with C – D range and they are perfect. She is NOT. No FEMALE is a 10 because of one thing: PERSONALITY & Character. If you know her personally and she has a good personality, that will make her a 10. No FEMALE is a 10 unless you know them personally. Every female should be a 9. IF a female has TRASHY personality, she will STAY as a 9. IF a female has good personality (IF you know them personally), she will be a 10.


      TL:DR – If she has a C – D range breast size (again, GENETICS, not plastic if you accuse me of liking females because they have plastic boobs.) + FIT body, now that is a PERFECT BODY. Perfect Body = 9. NOT 10.

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